Activities and Tours in the Pacific of Costa Rica

The best beach tours in Costa Rica

If you live in Costa Rica or you are a tourist looking for the best outdoor or sea tours and activities to enjoy an exciting experience of the natural beauty of the Costa Rican Pacific, you are in the right place!
We offer different tours and activities, you can choose if you want your experience in or out of the sea. In both cases you will enjoy the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.
Our tours includes activities such as surfing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, * exploring sea life, as well as bike rides and hiking.
We also offer personalized adventure packages so you can enjoy the best of Costa Rica in one place.
Our guides are experts in the area and are dedicated to providing you a safe and exciting experience.
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, we have something for everyone!

Book now your tour and join us in an adventure you will never forget!

Here are some of the different tours and experiences you can enjoy in Costa Rica:

The Bioluminescence Tour can be one of the most magical experiences you can enjoy in Costa Rica.

Bioluminescence is one of the most spectacular phenomena that occur on the beaches of the Pacific of Costa Rica. It is the production of light by certain organisms through a transformation of chemical energy into luminous energy and is observed in insects and fungi, but also in water, usually in marine ecosystems.

With us, you can take a nighttime kayak tour, starting from Playa Naranjo and navigating through the Gulf of Nicoya. On the tour, you can see how the ocean magically illuminates, giving the appearance of millions of bright stars.

This nighttime Bioluminescence Kayak Tour has a duration of 1.5 hours and you will be with a professional guide, safety equipment, kayak, paddle, life jacket, and water.

You can also customize it, for example, by taking a sunset kayak tour and combining it with the nighttime bioluminescence tour.

This tour is for a minimum of 2 people. If you want to book, you just have to click the button below and prepare to live an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

In Costa Rica, we have the privilege of beautiful sunsets, and in the central Pacific, it can be seen most days of the year.

Sunsets that paint the sky completely orange and allow you to see the sun disappear into the sea.

Whether in Playa Naranjo in the Gulf of Nicoya or in Bahía Herradura in Playa Herradura, you can see postcard-worthy sunsets.

With the Sunset Kayak or SUP Tour, you can enjoy a dreamy sunset out at sea while paddling towards where the sun sets.

Usually, this is a 1.5-hour tour, and we will provide you with all the necessary equipment and instructions to safely kayak or paddleboard.

The ideal time for the Sunset Tour on kayak or paddleboard is at 4:00 PM, and it is available from Sunday to Friday.

To book, you can click the button.

Enjoy the Pacific coast of Costa Rica! Discover the Gulf of Nicoya and San Lucas Island, where a prison for those considered “undesirables” and the most violent criminals in the country once stood.

Now, the island is a place full of history and mystery to explore, where you can learn about the inhumane conditions and torture that prisoners faced, as well as seeing how nature is reclaiming the space and taking advantage of the place to take some iconic photos.

A prisioner who stayed at this island, is the author of the novel ‘The Island of the Lonely Men,’ José León Sánchez, which is one of the most important literary works in Costa Rican literature.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to discover a place full of history and adventure! You can go on a private boat tour or paddle 7 kilometers through the Gulf of Nicoya on a kayak or SUP.

This tour is better in groups. If you are interested in discovering this fascinating place, click the button and book now.

Tortuga Island, also known as Turtle Island, is a small island located in the northwest of Costa Rica where you can enjoy white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

It is one of the paradisiacal destinations that you can visit in Costa Rica, through a private tour we will visit several islands in the Gulf of Nicoya until we reach Tortuga Island, where you will have 3 hours to enjoy the beauty of the place.

In this tour, you can go snorkeling, and lunch is included.

If you want to explore Tortuga Island and have a fascinating experience, click the button and check all the information.

If you are a lover of sport fishing and would like to enjoy a day in the best fishing spots in Costa Rica, then our sport fishing tour is perfect for you!

We will take you to the best fishing areas of the ocean so you can catch the biggest and most exotic fish.

Our experienced guides will provide you with all the knowledge and techniques necessary to succeed in your fishing.

In addition, our boats and equipment are in perfect condition to ensure your safety and comfort during the trip.

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, our tour is suitable for all levels. For coastal fishing, we recommend a maximum of 6 people, and for offshore fishing, a maximum of 4 people.

So, are you ready for an exciting adventure at sea and to catch some impressive fish? Book the best fishing tour in Costa Rica, click the button!

If you are a lover of marine life in all its dimensions, you will love to take the Snorkel Tour where we will take you to enjoy a beautiful marine ecosystem.

We start the tour in Herradura Bay and paddle in kayak or paddle board to a location that usually contains a lot of marine life that you can enjoy in the turquoise waters of the area.

The complete tour lasts about 2 hours and you will be accompanied at all times by a guide who is fully prepared to make your experience unforgettable.

This Snorkel Tour includes all the equipment for snorkeling and additional equipment and preparation for paddling.

To book, click the button.

The Artisanal Fishing is a type of fishing using a ‘Yoyo’, practiced by the habitants of the Gulf of Nicoya, where we find a great diversity of fishes.

It is done during the day or at night from the pier of the Hotel O’Pacifico or at points on the beach.

It is a very fun and safe way to learn the art of fishing in the Gulf with local guides.

It is a beautiful experience to share with your family while enjoying your stay in the Gulf of Nicoya, we provide you with everything you need to carry out the activity.

Additionally, you can do it in a kayak, with our artisanal fishing tour in kayaks.

We leave from Hotel O’Pacifico in Playa Naranjo to the different fishing spots already identified near the hotel. The species that can be found are corvina, snapper, needlefish, roosterfish, jack, grouper, among others. This depends on the conditions and tides. It can be practiced with family, groups, or individually. It is recommended for children because we are located in a very safe area of ​​the Gulf.

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If you would like to observe the biodiversity of the Gulf of Nicoya coast, this tour is perfect for you.

You can do it by paddling in a Kayak or Paddle Board, starting from Playa Naranjo towards the Cocinera island, which are known as the Bird Island, because of the great diversity of birds that can be found there.

It is a tour through several islands until you reach the mangroves of Isla Venado, where you can see different birds and a variety of flora and fauna of the place.

On the way back, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset while paddling towards Playa Naranjo.

Also, you can do this tour in a private boat.

If you want more information about this tour, click the button.

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