Activities and Tours Hotel O'Pacifico

Activities and tours in beachfront hotel in Playa Naranjo Costa Rica

Activate Your Body and Mind!

Explore and take part in the best experiences in our hotel to make the most of your stay. Adventure seeker? Outdoor activity enthusiast? or, simply a nature lover?

At O’Pacífico Hotel you will disconnect from routine and stress and connect with nature on a deeper level. Get ready to engulf yourself in this unique location in the middle of one of the world’s privileged “blue zones”.


Visit SUPHERR, our SUP & Kayak Center and register for a class, tour or even high- level training. We have the best brands, equipment and a team of AIS certified instructors.


Classes can be tailored to your needs and can be held on the beach or in the hotel gardens.

*Available upon request.


The calm waters of O’Pacífico Hotel’s private beach make SUP Yoga a relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of nature while balancing body and mind.


O’Pacífico Hotel is located on a 25+ hectare farm with 360-degree views of nature, gardens, oceans, and wildlife. We have hiking tracks at just 3km from the hotel.

If you are arriving on a yacht or if you have decided to stay at a hotel near O’Pacifico Hotel, you can spend the day here and enjoy our restaurant, pool area, and SUP and Kayak Center.


The pool is in the center of the property, inviting all guests to spend some relaxing time while enjoying the ocean view.

We also have large green and beach areas for the privacy of our guests, making it a perfect space to spend the day. A full drink and snack menu is available for poolside service.

We show our guests the best mountain bike excursions that can be explored both inside and around our hotel. The best way to see all the beauty that the blue zone of Costa Rica has to offer!

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