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About us Hotel O´Pacifico Playa Naranjo Costa Rica

Visit one of the world’s privileged blue zones

The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, home to O’Pacifico Hotel, is fortunate to be one of the five Blue Zones in the world.

A Blue Zone is an area where residents enjoy a long and healthy life. Residents of these privileged places often live more than 100 years.

Bee Farm

The bee hives on our property help the environment. In exchange for providing them a home, they pollinate the luscious gardens. We also harvest sustainable honey which is used at our restaurants and sold at our store.

Gardens and Landscaping

We integrate nature as part of our hotel. As you leave your room and walk through the different areas of the hotel, you will see a variety of native trees and abundant plants, which house and attract a great diversity of wildlife.

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